Friday, June 29, 2012

Sea Cider Event

Our friends from Sea Cider in Victoria are coming to town on Thursday, July 12th, and we are please to host them for an evening, the event kicks off at 6pm.  We will be pouring all 5 of their ciders from the bottle.  They do not do draft cider.  We love their cider, our boss, who is not a big cider drinker, drank Prohibition their 12% Barrel aged cider that we have been pouring for awhile and it changed his opinion of what cider could be.  What follows is a list of their ciders.  We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, July 12th for this event.

Flagship: (7.1%) Very Dry, and free of sulphites with smokey, citrus, and herbaceous flavors.
            Suggested Food Pairings:  Lingcod and Fries
Kings and Spies: (8.0%) Reminiscent of Prosecco, and delicate and off dry.
            Suggested Food Pairings:  Brouwer's salad and traditional mussels with frites.
Wild English:  (7.2%)Sharp, phenolic, earthy and grassy, fermented with yeast present on the apple skin.
            Suggested Food Pairings:  Apple blossom, frites with curry ketchup and Falafel sandwich.
Pippins: (9.5%) Citrus, apple, lemongrass, and pineapple flavors.
           Suggested Food Pairings:  Lamb burger and frites with dragon sauce
Prohibitions (12.5%)  Molasses, apple butter and rum flavors.
          Suggested Food Pairings:  Stoovlees, steak with bleu cheese, and Gaufre Liege

Also just a reminder we have a couple of upcoming closures.  We will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th so that our employees can enjoy the holiday, and we hope you do to.  We will also be closed on Monday, July 16th for an employee appreciation event.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fort George Brewers Night and a few other announcements.

This is a friendly reminder that this Thursday, June 21st at 6pm we will be hosting the boys from Astoria, OR for a Fort George Brewer's Night.  They are pulling some beers from the cellar.  What follows is a list of what they are bringing:
South:  A strong Summer Fruit Ale with raspberries aged in Pinot Noir Barrels.
Magnifera Indica Belgae: aka a Mango Beer.
Quiet Rye-it:  A pale ale with a heavy dose of Rye malt and Zythos hops.
Bad JuJu: An IPA with Centennial and Summit Hops.
Spruce Budd Ale: exactly what it sounds like a beer made with Spruce tips, and 2 Row malt.
Quick Wit and Oatmeal Pale will be available as well.

We will also be closed on the Fourth of July so that all of our employees can enjoy the holiday.  We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you.  We hope you have a BBQ planned.  We hope that you make it through the day without losing a finger.  We know just how fun it is to blow stuff up.

Attention!! Attention!!!  We are pleased to announce that this years Hopfest will start on Thursday, September 27th at 11am when we open, and run through the weekend.  We moved the date to a little later in September in hopes that the hop harvest coincides better with this date and we are able to have a few more fresh hop beers on the menu. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy 2nd Anniversary Apex!

We have a very special keg that we are tapping this evening.  Brewed for the 2nd Anniversary  of our friends at Apex in Portland by Bear Republic, Double Apex a 10% Double IPA.  Come down and try this limited release, I am sure that you hop heads will not be disappointed, we just tried it and all of us were very pleased.

Our friends from Fort George in Astoria, OR will be in town on Thursday, June 21st at 6pm for a Brewer's Night.  We will have more details on the exact draft beers that they are pulling from the cellar, but we have been told they have some goodies.   There will be a representative on hand from the brewery, and we will raffle off some shwag.  We invite you to join us.