Friday, April 27, 2012

Have you heard?

We are pleased to announce that we opened another bar in the Tangletown area, Burgundian, located at 2253 N 56th St. open 10-12am Sunday- Thursday and 10am- 2am Friday and Saturday.  22 stellar taps and breakfast all day!  What beats that breakfast all day. If that's not enough they have an extensive Bourbon and Tequila list as well. We suggest the Chicken and Waffles,  the Burgundian Burger, or the specials that have been created by Chef Ryan. 

Who likes hoppy beer?  Monday at 6pm, here at Brouwer's we a will be tapping 5 Double IPAs: Russian River Pliny the Elder, Sierra Nevada Hoptimum, Silver City Whoop Pass, Firestone Walker Double Jack and Port Brewing Hop 15  for your drinking pleasure.  If you are a lover of the hops this is an event for you.  Come in and get punched in the mouth with hoppy deliciousness. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Seattle Beer Week!!

 It's just around the corner May 10th - 20th and we have a few events that you will not want to miss.

We are expecting Friday, May 11th at Back in Black Stout fest to be awesome.  We have been saving kegs all year.  Big Time is actually going to bring a Underburg Stout!  All the fun begins when we open the doors at 11am.  We will have special stout inspired menu items as well.
Monday, May 14th starting at 6pm is Big Sky Ride the Bull Night.  That's right, We are putting a mechanical bull inside.  You are encouraged to wear your western outfit and join us for an evening like none other.  You might want to bring some dance moves too.  We will have cans of Big Sky Ipa along with 4 draft beers.

Tuesday, May 15th is one of our favorite events of the year.  Beer and Burger Battle! It's simple, Five breweries are tasked with creating a one of a kind burger recipe, bringing 4 or 5 beers to showcase and sales decided the winner.  This year looks to be quite a battle with Fremont returning to defend their title against the likes of Hair of the Dog, New Belgium, 21st Amendment, and another local favorite Black Raven.  This is shaping up to be a battle of epic proportions.

Wednesday, May 16th at 6pm Dinner with Firestone Walker and the Homebrew Chef, Sean Paxton.  This one is a not to be missed event and almost sold out at this time, with something like 15 remaining tickets.  Get your ticket here.  This year Sean and our own Chef Bobby have some great ideas centered around English pub food meets Brouwer's Cafe, held together with Firestone Walker Beer, titled "Now for Something Completely Different!", I'm told there is a Monty Python reference in there.
Lastly, May 17th at 11am everybody's favorite Sour Fest...think a Sour Beer from the likes of Cantillon, Cascade, Tilquin, and New Belgium to name a few. 

We know it is a tough week to choose where to be, but feel that you will want to spend at least part of your days with us.  


Friday, April 20, 2012

Today we remember....

Today we remember a great friend and co-worker, Cavy, who lost a battle with cancer a year ago. I am sure we all have our favorite Cavy story. He is missed. He was certainly one of the funniest people we have had the joy of knowing and working with. We will be pouring Elysian Raconteur in his honor. We could go on and on about Chris and just spent the better part of the morning reminiscing and telling stories, we suggest you do the same.

Psst! Hey Bro, it's 4/20. Those fun folks down at Lagunitas brewed a beer to honor this day called Waldo's Special. They are claiming its the dankest and hoppiest beer they have ever brewed. That's saying something cause everything they make is hoppy. Today we will be tapping it at 4:20 and there will be some treats here from the brewery. Come on in and get some!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We had those donation cans by the door all March long, and would like to thank all of you that donated to the cause. We are unsure of exactly how much you helped raise from here, but through the whole month and all the bars involved we were collectively able to raise just over $16,000 to help support Treehouse a non-profit that helps Foster Kids get their needs met. Thanks, without your support this would not be possible.

We would also like to take this time to let you know that there are about 40 tickets left to the Sean Paxton aka Homebrew Chef Collaboration dinner with Chef Bob and Firestone Walker. I assure you this is not a to be missed event. If you are thinking of coming we would urge you to make your reservations sooner than later.

We are making our lists for both Stout and Sour fest and checking it twice...we hope to have a few more details sooner than later.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Now for a few details....

We hope that all of you awake daily and prepare your spirit for what surely will be a week( a brewer's week i.e 10days) to remember. We have a few events during Seattle Beer Week:

Friday, May 11th @ 11 am...Back in Black Stout Fest. We will be pouring 35 or more delicious dark malt beverages, including, a few Firestone Beers, Nectar Black Xantus, Green Flash Double Stout '10, Great Divide Espresso Yeti, Evil Twin Yin Imperial Stout and Avery Mephistopheles to name a few.

Monday, May 14th @ 6pm Big Sky, Ride the Bull night. It is exactly like it sounds, we will have a mechanical bull in the middle of the floor and you will be able to ride it if you so desire. Look for cans of Ipa along with a few draft beers. We encourage you to wear your best western getup.

Tuesday, May 15th @6pm Beer and Burger Battle. 5 breweries are tasked with creating a Burger with a beef patty as the base, and bring 4-5 beers to go along with it. The winner is determined by sales. Reigning Champs Fremont Brewing take on challengers, 21st Amendment, New Belgium, Hair of the Dog, and Black Raven. We look forward to this event every year.

Wednesday, May 16th Sean Paxton collaborates with our Chef Bob and Firestone Walker for an evening not to be missed titled 'Now for Something Completely Different." 10 courses, with at least 12 beers. David Walker will be on hand as well. Sean and Bob have some great ideas for this English Pub Food meets Brouwer's Cafe food. Tickets are available for $125 tax and gratuity included through Brown Paper Tickets.

Thursday, May 17th @ 11am. Sour Fest. Look for Russian River Supplication, Temptation, Several Cantillions, Cascade has something in the works, as does New Belgium, Double Mountain Devil's Kriek, and many more.

We hope you are planning ahead and taking time off from work so that you can join us in this celebration of all things beer in Seattle.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Now For Something Completely Different! An evening with Sean Paxton and Firestone Walker.

As I am sure you are all aware, Seattle Beer Week is just a few weeks away. One of the events that we have hosted each and every year is a night with Sean Paxton, the homebrew chef, and Firestone Walker. We look forward to it all year, the event is always fabulous, Sean is an amazingly creative gentleman and a joy to be around. This year the title of the event is "Now For Something Completely Different", think English Pub food meets Brouwer's Cafe, meets Firestone Walker Beer, for 10 courses paired with at least that many beers, usually more. I imagine there will be plenty of game on this menu. That's the brief description now for the details:

Here is a link to Brown Paper Tickets where you can purchase tickets for the event. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, May 16th @ 6pm. This is a limited event we are selling 85 tickets, it has sold out in years past and we expect the same this year. The price for the event is $125 tax and gratuity included. In past years it was $100 but wasn't inclusive of tax and gratuity. We invite you to purchase your ticket and reserve your spot at a not to be missed event.

The above photo was taken from Seattle Beer News. Its Sean a few years ago here at his first dinner.