Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Black Raven King Dandy Sour Release !

We are really excited about tomorrow night.  Awhile back we sent a Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey Barrel over to the fine folks at Black Raven to age some beer in, and promptly forgot about it.  Fast forward to a month or so ago and I remembered that they had it.  Long story short, they blended said beer with some other barrels they were aging beer in and King Dandy, the sour beer you get to taste tomorrow night @6pm. Here is what their barrel master Justin had to say about the beer:

It will be called "King Dandy" this is a name based on the
locally sourced Pluots used to feed the bacteria. The varieties of Pluot
were "Dapple Dandy" & "Flavor King". The beer has never been poured anywhere
except my mouth so this will be its debut and it may end up staying a one
off....maybe not though, sours can be a crap shoot sometimes.

It all starts at 6pm, we will also be tapping a new batch of Wisdom Seeker, Trickster, Brown Porter, and Wit.  Please join us.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

You like Scotch? We like scotch...

We are very proud and honored to become a Scotch Malt Whisky Society "Society Spot".  The launch is tomorrow night, Thursday, April 10th at 6pm.  "What is a Society Spot? " and "What does this mean for me?"  Here is what it means to you.  The Society purchases single barrels and produces their own line of Single Malt Scotches. In the past these limited edition bottles were only available to members of the society.  We are becoming a Society Spot which means, you, a non member, or you a member, can come in and purchase these previously member only scotches for in house consumption.  We purchased 15 different Scotches and have tasted some of the offerings, they are fantastic, ranging in age from 4 to 33 years old.  There will be representatives from the Society on hand to answer questions as well as pour a complimentary taste. 

We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting a Black Raven Brewing Brewer's Night on Wednesday, April 23rd @ 6pm.  We are still finalizing the draftlist for the event,  but we are featuring a special beer.  Let me digress...a while back we sent them a used Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey barrel and they put some beer in that barrel.  They used beer from that barrel and a couple others to blend a beer that we are told has a sour character with notes of mezcal, even though no mezcal barrels were used.  It will be pouring at our event.  We hope you plan on joining us for this event.

Seattle Beer Week is approaching fast.  We are hard at work putting together the draftlists for our 3 events:
Friday, May 9th Back in Black Stout Fest- we will put on at least 40 amazing stouts
Tuesday, May 13th Beer and Burger Battle.  Returning Champion Big Time defends their title against contenders: Schooner Exact, Almanac, Ninkasi, and Boneyard.
Thursday, May 15th Sour Fest—we replace just about every tap with a delicious sour beer.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Come Celebrate our 9th Anniversary with us on Friday, March 28th starting @3pm

Well, we announced the winners of Hardliver on facebook and at the bar, but forgot to get it up here.  The winners by people’s choice are :
2.     Lost Abbey Angel’s Share Grand Cru
3.     Firestone Walker Sucaba
Honorable Mentions were Green Flash and Alemeda
Thanks to everyone who waited in line, thanks to everyone who came out and made this event a great success.  We are already looking towards next year. 

That said we have a few events just around the corner.  Mainly our Anniversary party scheduled for
next Friday, March 28th at 3pm.  Our actual anniversary date is Monday, March 24th.  We brewed a beer with Elysian, more specifically we brewed a beer at Elysian Fields with Steve Luke, that we are calling Hopped to the Nines.  We joked that instead of calling it a Session Ipa we wanted to call it an All Day Everyday Ipa, we hope that it tastes so good you just want to drink it all day.  We made a pretty small batch of this and it will be available at all 3 of our fine establishments.  In the spirit of Anniversary’s and celebration in general we went in to the cellar and pulled out some treats both bottles and draft to offer just for the event.  What follows is a list of most of what we will be offering:

Bottle Highlights:
Bottleworks VI – Farwest Roch 10 clone—750ml
Brouwer’s #7 Fremont Old Bridgerider --- 22oz
8 Bottles of 1st addition HOD Matt—12oz
10- bottles of Russian River Deviation—750ml
Lost Abbey Brouwer’s Imagination #1—750ml
12 -Lost Abbey Brouwer’s Imagination #2---750ml
Lost Abbey Bottleworks XV---750ml
12- Bruery XII first batch –750ml

Draft options:
Firestone PNC #1 – Buckwheat Stout
Flyers Oak Aged #8 Laphroaig Chipped Scotch Ale
Matt (original BW 10 anniversary)
HUB Brouwer’s 6th anniversary Imperial Stout
Bottleworks XII.2
Lost Abbey Brouwer’s Blend
And we are picking two more for a total of 9 special beers including our 9th anniversary beer.
Not a bad little list if we do say so ourselves, and a great way to kickoff your weekend.  We hope you take off work early and come out and join us in turning 9 years old, next Friday, March 28th at 3pm.

We are planning a bottle pour event with Anchorage for April date to be determined, and an event with Black Raven in April as well. 

We are really excited about our Thursday, April 10th event with the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.  We will one of a couple spots in the city that the public will be able to drink Scotch that was previously only available to their members.  We are putting the list together and will be posting it in the not so distant future.  This is a great time to sample some scotch that only we will have. 

Seattle Beer Week   will be here before we know it.  My liver is still shaking from Hardliver this past weekend.  We have paired down our events this year just a bit we will be hosting 3 big events throughout the 10 days. 

Friday, May 9th Back in Black Stout Fest- we will put on at least 40 amazing stouts

Tuesday, May 13th Beer and Burger Battle.  Returning Champion Big Time defends their title against contenders: Schooner Exact, Almanac, Ninkasi, and Boneyard.

Thursday, May 15th Sour Fest—we replace just about every tap with a delicious sour beer.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hardliver Barleywine Festival is here and so is our 9th Anniversary!

Hardliver Barleywine Festival is this weekend, March 15th and 16th, we apologize if for some reason it seemed otherwise.   Our livers are sufficiently prepared, we hope yours are too. We have just about all the beers in the cooler and are getting them organized and ready to serve.  We will have 57 beers flowing on Saturday, March 15th when we open.  In our last post we announced most of what will be available.  We have some special beers that we have not announced yet, and you will be rewarded for arriving early.   This year we are not doing the judging early we are going to be deciding the winners by the vote of the people.  Don't forget to vote for your favorite.  Just a reminder that we will be closing at midnight on Friday, March 14th, so that we can prepare for the event.  Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday for an amazing day of drinking!

If you didn't know now you do.  Our 9th Anniversary is approaching and we will be celebrating it on Friday, March 28th starting at 3pm.  We are planning on tapping a few previous Anniversary beers from us and Bottleworks, don't ask us exactly what right now, we are still readying ourselves for Hardliver this weekend.  We are also pleased to be pouring a beer that we brewed with Elysian, to be exact we brewed it with Steve Luke at Elysian Fields.  Steve makes great beer and was gracious enough to invite us down to brew a low abv hoppy ale that we have named Hopped to the 9's and are thinking of calling an All Day Everyday IPA.  In the above photo you can see us in front of the kettle steeping 50 lbs of whole cone Cascade hops, just imagine the aroma therapy that we received while taking this photo!  We hope that you plan on join us in turning 9 years old on March, 28th at 3pm. 

We are very excited to announce that on Thursday, April 10th @6pm we will become Scotch Malt Whisky Society spot.  This is a great honor.  For more information on the Society here's a link to their website.  We will be starting with about 20 single malts from the Society collection that have in the past only been available to their members, and are now going to be available to you the general public through us.   On Thursday, April 10th there will be representatives from the Society on hand to sample you on some of our offerings as well as answer any of your questions about all things Scotch related. This is quite exciting. We hope all of you come out and join us in sampling some great Single Malt Scotch.

and after that Seattle Beer Week is upon us... we have 3 large events planned:
Back in Black Stout Fest on Friday, May 9th.
Beer and Burger Battle on Tuesday, May 13th.
Sour Fest on Thursday, May 15th.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How's your liver? We hope you are preparing it....

We can't believe that it is already that time of year again.  What happened?  Hardliver is here!  Its March 15th and 16th.  We used to joke that the way to prepare for this event is to drink an entire 22oz of barleywine each day leading up to the festival.  We have been working diligently to get the Hardliver Draftlist complete, and it is just about there.  We will put this disclaimer out to all of you, the list that follows is subject to change, most of what you see posted here will be on draft, however I'll say it again: This list is subject to change. You all know how it all goes, sometimes things happen and beers don't make it on time, or get lost in translation, or a warehouse.  Please don't get upset if one beer happens not to be here but is listed, we are not intentionally misleading you.
Contrary to previous years there will not be a closed door judging this year.  We have decided to let the winner be decided by popular vote.  Without further ramblings here you go, feast your eyes on the list: 

All Pours: 3oz, 6oz and 12oz
21st Amendment Lower da Boom ‘13 
Alaskan Big Nugget ’09
Alaskan Big Nugget ’10
Alesmith Old Numbskull
Almanac Heirloom Pumpkin Barleywine
Anchor Old Foghorn ’10
Anderson Valley Horn of the Beer
Avery Hog Heaven ’13
Bainbridge Island Old Toejam
Ballast Point Three Sheets
Bear Republic Old Scoutners
Big Al Ol’ #1 ‘12
Big Sky Old Bluehair ’12
Big Sky BBl Old Bluehair’13
Big Time Old Wooly ’13
Boulder Killer Penquin ’13
Bridegport  Old Boardhead ‘12
Coronado Old Scallywagg ’13
Driftwood Old Cellar Dweller ’11
Epic Brewing Barleywine
Evil Twin Freudian Slip '13 
Firestone Walker Abacus ’10
Firestone Walker Abacus ’11
Fort George Packey’s Barleywine
Gigantic Massive (12%)
Great Divide Old Ruffian
Green Flash Barrel Aged Barleywine
Hales BBl Barleywine
Highwater Old and In the Way
Hood Canal Hood Canal Barleywine year
HUB Bbl Noggin Floggin
Lagunitas  Gnarlewine ’10
Lagunitas  Gnarlewine ’11
Laurelwood Old Reliable Barrel Aged ’13
Lost Abbey Angel’s Share ’12
Midnight Sun Arctic Devil ’13 
Ninkasi Wheatwine () ’12
North Coast Old Stock Ale () ‘ 12 or 13
Oakshire Barleywine  (10.1%) ’13 
Mad Viking Pillage the Village ’13
Moylan’s Old Barney Barleywine ’13
Pelican Stormwatcher ’13 ()
Pike Old Bawdy ’10 ()
Pike Old Bawdy ‘ 11 ()
Populuxe Old Oddvars (9.5%)
Rogue Old Crustation ()
Sierra Nevada Big Foot ()
Snipes Rosa ’13 ()
Sound Brewing Old Scoundrel ()
Southern Tier Back Burner (9.6%)
Speakeasy Old Godfather ‘13 
Stone Old Guardian ’12 () 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Just a little update to Monday's Hob Mob Triple Ipa event

Soooo...we usually start events during the week at 6pm, and initially we were going to start the Hop Mob Triple Ipa event at 6pm too.  After more than a few of you expressed interest in the event starting earlier we reassessed and are now going to start the event at 3pm.  There will be no happy hour pricing on the Triple Ipa's, there will not be flights available however in the interest of all of our livers we will be offering 6oz and 12oz pours of all 14 beers.  What follows is a list of the Breweries that are part of the event:
- Bainbridge
-Big Time
- Black Raven
- Elysian
- Georgetown
- Naked City
- Pike
- Populuxe
- Reuben's
- Stoup
- Spinaker Bay
- Strong Arm
-Two Beers
We are really excited about this event we hope you join us in celebrating Washington Triple Ipas.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Who needs Pliney the Younger..we got the Hop Mob Triple Ipa event!

We are super excited about our upcoming Hop Mob Triple Ipa event on Monday, February 17th.  We are up to a total of 14 locally brewed Triple Ipas lined up and ready for the event.  We can't thank Adam from Reuben's enough for setting up this event. Who needs Pliny the Younger, Washington brewers are here to fill the void.  We have heard that a few of you are concerned about the 6pm start time, we are discussing the idea of starting the event at 3pm.  Details to any change will come soon. 

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting an event with Virtue Cider on Thursday, February 20th at 6pm.  Its a launch for their Mitten, we thought it would be cool to do a Stone Fence event. A Stone Fence is a drink consisting of a mixture of cider and a spirituous liquor, we will have 3 different Stone Fence cocktails for you to try.  Greg Hall, their brewer will be in town to drink with and he will also be judging his favorite cocktail offering.  We are also doing a Winter Coat Drive, please bring your clean, gently used or new coat to donate if you are so inclined.

Saturday, March 15th and Sunday, March 16th is the 12th annual Hardliver Barleywine Festival.  For those of you that know, show up early, get in line and wait for the doors to open at 11am.  We will be filling most of our 57 taps with this delicious beverage.  We are working on having the list available for you sooner than later.  We are just putting the final touches on it.